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Knee Rest/Pull Up Progression 

On heavy squat days, rest the problematic knee by substituting: 
20 min flexed arm hang
10 sec. hang each min on the min

Goat/Goal – 10 Pushups/3 Pullups

Two days per week broken down:
Day 1 – Flexed Arm Hang 5×20 seconds, rest as needed between sets.
Day 2 – Pushups on 25 lbs plates, 20 sets of 1 rep, perfect form, chest to deck. Add 1 rep per set each week, keep the total reps at 20.

Pull Up Progression

Day #1 = 5 x 10 sec flex arm hang
Day #2 = 5 x 5 sec negatives
Day #3 = kipping practice with band

HSPU Progression

Day #1 = death by DB push press (35# ea.)
Day #2 = 5 x 30 sec handstand
Day #3 = 5 x HSPU negatives w/ plates (intermediate scale to abmat under head and no plates)


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