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WOD #180 – 4 June 2010

W/U: 1 lap, 3x (ring rows, ring dips, supermans, toes to bar)

WOD: AMRAP Rengade Row Man Makers (RRMM) in 5 minutes
2k Run

Subtract 1 second for men (2 for women) for each 10lb RRMM completed from the run, 3 and 5 seconds for each 20 lbs, 5 and 7 seconds for each 30lbs, 7 and 9 seconds for each 40lbs, 9 and 11 seconds for each 50lbs. The run begins at the 5 minute mark with no rest.

RRMM = 14 @ 20# DB

time = 15:26 adjusted to 14:16 (total time includes the 5 min of RRMM)

Notes:  Why in the world was this math necessary?  Stupid math at stupid 0530 is just stupid.


WOD #178 – 2 June 2010

W/U: group sprints, stretches, run 1 lap

WOD: Push-press 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

2 Rounds
Run 1000m
Rest 2 minutes

time splits = 4:55, 4:42

Notes: Ripped palms really hurt on the PPs.  Got to my standing 1RM.  The run was a bear.  All this extra weight (6 lbs) is really dragging me down.  Literally.