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Fall Paleo Challenge Round 3 (Oct-Nov 2010)

Same rules apply.   Ok, here is the deal.  I already eat 90% Paleo.  My cheats involve alcohol (wine and/or vodka/soda), sugar in my tea, dark chocolate, and diet Coke.   I actually don’t even enjoy the taste of diet Coke anymore, but I really feel the caffiene punch.  For whatever reason, I found myself eating high volumes of (Paleo) food in the last challenge due to a fear of getting hungry before the next meal and not having Paleo food handy until then.  So, I am working on getting over that one, and exercising portion control.  Also, I am working on not being so dang anal, and enjoying a glass of wine (or 2 – gasp!) without beating myself down about it.  Lastly, I am going into this challenge injured (knee/shin/ankle thing…don’t ask), so any gains in the strength/performance aspect will be icing on the cake.

Summer Paleo Challenge Round 2 (Jul-Aug 2010)

Same rules apply as in January.   I will be better prepared for what to expect from the body (e.g., racing thoughts, headaches, sluggishness, etc.), and I will be better prepared with planned/pre-made meals.  I hope this works because I am now the heaviest I have been since I graduated college (10 pounds over optimum static weight).  That is just sad…and extremely frustrating considering I exercise 6 days a week and generally eat 80-90% Paleo!

World Series of Paleo (WSOP) Challenge Round 1 (Jan-Feb 2010)

The plan is to go “Paleo” for 5 weeks starting 10 January 2010.  Per Professor Loren Cordain, the Paleo Diet is a way of eating in the modern age that best mimics diets of our hunter-gatherer ancestors – combinations of lean meats, seafood, vegetables, fruits, and nuts.  I already eat low-carb (i.e., no grains, breads, or potatoes), so I am hoping to do well.  These are the items that I forsee as my major hurdles during the Paleo challenge: dairy, fake sugar (for hot/iced tea), and dark chocolate.

Check my food intake at Christy’s Food Blog.


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