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The more I CrossFit, the less I suck.


1RM = one rep max (weight)

AMRAP = as many rounds as possible

Band color for assisted pull ups = (from max help to min help) thick black, green, blue, red, thin black, orange, tan, none (RX).

BB = bar bell (a.k.a. dumb bell)

BJs = box jumps

BP = bench press

BS = back squat

DB = dumb bell (a.k.a. bar bell)

DL = deadlift

DNA = did not attempt

DNF = did not finish

DUs = double unders (i.e., jump rope passes under feet twice for each jump)

F = failed trying

FS = front squat

HSPU = handstand push up

KB = kettle bell

KTE = knees to elbows

Metcon = metobolic conditioning (i.e., speed workout for aerobic activity)

OHS = overhead squat

pood = 16kg or 35#

PP = push press

RX’d = as prescribed (i.e., no scaling of the WOD components)

SDHP = sumo deadlift high pull

SP = shoulder press

SPT = shoulder pass thru

SUs = single unders (i.e., jump rope passes under feet once for each jump)

Tabata = 8 rounds of 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest.

WOD = workout of the day

W/U = warm up


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